The Megan table is likely to be Cartire TANK Watches

Rachel’s watch is a square case, a silver metal chain, which we immediately think of are Cartire TANK, Longines daiwina, and Patek Philippe TWENTY~4.

Cartire TANK Watches

The precision of the play is not high, and it is vague to see that it is a single layer of light meter circle. There is no drill or bilateral, so the possibility of Patek Philippe TWENTY~4 is excluded; in addition, from the watch chain structure, Longines deibo Wiener is also far away, and the Megan’s square is likely to be Cartire TANK.

TANK has a number of sub series, from this point of view, the head and the chain link part has a trapezium, so the form features of Rachel’s form more in line with the TANK FRAN AISE, which is called the “French tank”.

If Megan wore Cartire in real life, it would be a good idea. After all, her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diane often wore a watch and a Cartire TANK series, and she was the princess of Princess sister-in-law.

The famous name of Cartire is “emperor’s jewels, the emperor of jewellery”, so the British royal family seems to be perfectly fit to wear a Cartire watch, but Cartire is better to change the Slogan, “royal jewelry and watch”, or the watch looks like a “sideline”.