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If you have a pain, you must cherish yourself. If you have a pain, you must cherish yourself. When you walk alone, when the old wounds hurt, give yourself a strong reason, life makes people weak, love makes people strong, whether for themselves, or for those who care about us and love us. If you have a pain, you should cherish yourself and be kind to yourself Fake cartier tank watch. Find a reason to be strong and courageous. The night is already deep, but I have no drowsiness. Maybe it’s a cold headache, I can’t sleep well; I may still be thinking about what happened the day before, which makes it difficult for me to sleep. One was lying quietly on the bed, watching the dark night outside the window silently thinking about things, thinking about what happened in these two days. The scene that happened the day before yesterday is still so clear, or is it so earthquakey, everything is as vivid as it seems, just as it happened. I really admire how I have been able to be so calm after such a heartache, so calm, so strong. Although I understand that everything will not change, it is impossible to change, so I can only choose calm, choose silence, choose patience, and choose strong. Everyone has hidden pains that are unknown. Over the years, I have always placed the most secret pain in the deepest part of my heart, and maintained the so-called harmonious and happy life with kindness and strength. Because I understand that I can’t come to the perfect life, I don’t dare to ask for it. Everything should not be extravagant, I never go to luxury, everything is not my own happiness, I never dare to expect. I often ask myself, who am I living for? Live for yourself, for children, or for family? But I found that I am not living for myself at all. I am living for my family and for my family. Home is the harbor I rely on. Children are the most difficult thing for me. Family is the fundamental benefit of my life. I want to live for myself. A person lives freely, lives as he pleases, lives without concern, and lives happily. But why can’t I live for myself? Why do you still have so many unstoppable ties? I have always said that I am happy. But in fact, how much hard work I have to pay in this happiness, but who can understand the bitterness behind my pay? Who can really understand the pain in my heart? In the eyes of others, I am happy and strong. My personality is still so cheerful, my smile is still so bright. But who can understand the pain hidden behind my smile, and who can understand the fragility under my strong disguise? I used to think that if I pay for it, I will be rewarded. Even if this return is not proportional to the ratio I pay, I will be safe. However, how many times of paying, but in exchange for the helplessness again and again, heartache again and again. I am surrounded by love, affection and responsibility, and I am tired. All the effort is paid for by yourself, and this kind of effort does not expect to be rewarded. Tears can’t melt the long-lasting ice in my heart; weakness can’t be exchanged for the sympathy of others;

 my heart is exhausted

kindness can’t be exchanged for others’ understanding; tenderness can’t be exchanged for any comfort. I am often lost in the illusion of comforting myself Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. When I find that I gradually lose my passion in such day-to-day tolerance, I am confused, start to get confused, start to groan, and start to fear. But in the depths of the soul, there is always one of the most authentic voices calling for me: ‘Strong, you must deal with everything firmly!’ So, I began to try to communicate, trying to change, but all efforts always aborted in sensitive resistance. Every time I communicate directly, I will make me cry in the ruthlessness of cold words. Choosing to give up may be able to get liberated. But is love really so easy to give up? What about the previous emotional vows? Is this vow of feelings really unbearable for the rest? Love, is it so fragile? Love, is it so vulnerable? In this way, continue to move forward in the tunnel of life, happiness and happiness, happiness and happiness, pain and pain, silence and silence, patience and patience, strong and strong. In the night of the sky, in front of the lonely screen, knock on the messy words that only you can fully understand. In my heart, the text has become the object of my confession, and the text has become a kind of comfort and sustenance in my heart. The text has become a strong spiritual pillar that I must strengthen. Although the confession of the words has eased the long-repressed inner heart, it has brought me deeper pain. Although the deepest pain is speechless, the pain in my heart, the helplessness, I am no longer helpless. In fact, the emotions expressed by the words are really pale, very helpless. The more you write, the more sad you are, the more you think about it. But I can only seek peace of mind again and again in such a way in the random tapping. Only then will the emotions be calm, and only then will the emotions relax. Only then will the emotions be calm. I still understand that I will not change or change in any way, and the inertia of life has become the main theme of my life. Although I want to let me be completely free, I don’t want to just let go of it. I am still full of expectations for a perfect future, full of infinite desire for love, full of confidence in life, full of courage to work hard. I don’t want to live up to anyone, I would rather live up to myself than to let others down. Although I understand that life will be helpless, there will be regrets, there will be heartache, but I will still cling to my beliefs. Love is not strong, and my heart is exhausted. Tired, I already feel tired. Living is a kind of tiredness; being alive is a helplessness; being alive is a kind of patience. Everything in the past has become a thing of the past, and nothing is no longer possible. What I should do is to continue to respond, continue to wait, continue to persist, continue to bear, and continue to give myself a strong reason. I can only use this to comfort myself and give myself a strong reason. Strong, I have to deal with everything strong! Give yourself a strong reason Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches, there is nothing in life that can’t go wrong. Suddenly I found out that I am actually the protagonist of life. I have always been the protagonist of life. I am not only living for my family, but also living for myself. Living is a kind of happiness! I have a pain, give myself a strong reason, live well, cherish yourself, and treat yourself well!