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Wedding ring designer Qian Jia said that emerald has a very high recognition in the international market. It is a precious precious stone. Although it has no hardness and diamond ratio, its preciousness and visual effect are very good Fake cartier tank watch. It is worth collecting. gem. ‘They have a unique vision and have the courage to choose emerald as the jewel of the wedding ring. After all, emerald is not very versatile, it is a more elegant color, has a sense of nobility, and also has a young and lively atmosphere Fake cartier tank Francaise watch.’ ‘Two people after marriage To form a family, you should live in love, regardless of you and me, and work together toward the same goal, and have been happy.’ Designer Liu Qianjia told reporters.

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This emerald wedding ring is an abstract form of the eye, as an element of marriage ring, meaning that the two people in the marriage should be integrated into one, look forward to the future, and feel the good things that marriage brings to each other. Another wedding ring is also a similar choice, but the ‘eyes’ part is slightly more specific, with a special design – zigzag. In the case of gemstones, Alexander is used. This is a kind of grayish green and golden green in cold light; but in warm light, it usually looks reddish brown. Nowadays, the gemstone with cat’s eye effect is popular in the market. Under the illumination of this kind of gemstone, the surface of the gemstone presents a bright band of light. When the gemstone is turned, the band will follow, like a cat’s slender tweezers. “This wedding ring is simple and well-dressed, and many of my friends are asking where to customize.” said the bear.