Megan’s second watches have a high frequency

Megan’s second watches have a high frequency, such as the photo with the screen lovers, the golden watch on the wrist, the timing button, the Rolex in the chain, and a bit like dicononna.

But it’s not: the surface of the shell is not oysters, not the oyster; the table ring has no speed meter; the chain is like the head of the yuan, but it is not, if it is more wrong – Di Tong is an oyster chain or a rubber strap, the head chain is Rolex’s “positive chain”, used on the week calendar and small size log type, will not appear in On the exercise table.

Megan's second watches have a high frequency

Luckily we found another Megan’s own high definition photo. Please ignore freckles and focus on the watch: three eye plates are connected together; there is no speedometer, so it must not be dendon; there is a line of letters beneath 12 points, about two words, and the name of the brand. Look again, there is a date window at the 4 o’clock position.

According to these characteristics, we found this watch, which is Megan’s American “townsman”, from the MICHEAL KORS (MK) fashion table. MK can be said to be very good. Even the waterproofing design buttons are completely copied, but only look, after all, it’s just a more than 2000 – yuan fashion watch.

But from the two photos, Megan likes to fold, the bracelet, the bracelet and the watch on one hand at the same time. But it’s a fashion trend, but does it not conform to the Royal dress code?

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