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Cinnabar on the neck When Huang Mingming woke up, the first thing that caught his eye was the pale ceiling. She moved her head in difficulty and turned her face to see Li Heran who was sleeping on the side. ‘What happened to me?’ Huang Mingming asked, his voice a bit hoarse, like being soaked in tobacco and alcohol. ‘Your head was smashed by the flower pot, but it was only slightly injured, a little concussion, I will pour some water for you.’ Li Heran looked up at her, reached out and gathered her hair around her ear, and got up and left. Huang Mingming just remembered it. I just walked down to a tall building and suddenly fell down a flower pot upstairs. Fortunately, she took a quick step and was only wiped the back of her head before she was spared. After Huang Mingming was afraid of getting a cold sweat, when the consciousness slowly woke up, the dull pain in the brain and the pain in the back of the neck were in full swing. Just then, the door of the ward opened, and Zhang Rong walked in quickly. ‘What happened?’ ‘The flowerpot was smashed, the concussion, and I sent it over.’ Zhang Rong sat down to Huang Mingming and touched her amount. ‘That thing – did you ask him?’ ‘No question, today is our 100th anniversary. I don’t want to ask about these disappointments.’ ‘What are you going to do?’ ‘–I still feel that this is not such a person, you see, he also sent me a necklace today to commemorate Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches.’ Said, Huang Mingming pointed to the necklace worn on his neck Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. Who knows that when Zhang Rong saw the necklace, her face suddenly became a white one. ‘Is this what he sent you?’ Zhang Rong’s look became very gloomy, Huang Mingming nodded and looked at her inexplicably. ‘what happened?’ ‘I advise you to take it down!’ ‘Why?’ ‘I remember this necklace I have seen, it is a very bad thing.’ Just when Zhang Rong said something in more detail, the footsteps in the corridor interrupted her words. She rushed to Huang Mingming in a hurry, burying her head and running out of the ward. Just as Li Heran passed by the door and passed the water, Huang Mingming clearly saw Li Heran’s face sullenly sullen. After waiting for Zhang Rong to go for a long time, Li Heran still stood in the same position and looked at Zhang Rong’s back.

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