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Wedding ring designer Qian Jia said that emerald has a very high recognition in the international market. It is a precious precious stone. Although it has no hardness and diamond ratio, its preciousness and visual effect are very good Fake cartier tank watch. It is worth collecting. gem. ‘They have a unique vision and have the courage to choose emerald as the jewel of the wedding ring. After all, emerald is not very versatile, it is a more elegant color, has a sense of nobility, and also has a young and lively atmosphere Fake cartier tank Francaise watch.’ ‘Two people after marriage To form a family, you should live in love, regardless of you and me, and work together toward the same goal, and have been happy.’ Designer Liu Qianjia told reporters.

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This emerald wedding ring is an abstract form of the eye, as an element of marriage ring, meaning that the two people in the marriage should be integrated into one, look forward to the future, and feel the good things that marriage brings to each other. Another wedding ring is also a similar choice, but the ‘eyes’ part is slightly more specific, with a special design – zigzag. In the case of gemstones, Alexander is used. This is a kind of grayish green and golden green in cold light; but in warm light, it usually looks reddish brown. Nowadays, the gemstone with cat’s eye effect is popular in the market. Under the illumination of this kind of gemstone, the surface of the gemstone presents a bright band of light. When the gemstone is turned, the band will follow, like a cat’s slender tweezers. “This wedding ring is simple and well-dressed, and many of my friends are asking where to customize.” said the bear.

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Cinnabar on the neck When Huang Mingming woke up, the first thing that caught his eye was the pale ceiling. She moved her head in difficulty and turned her face to see Li Heran who was sleeping on the side. ‘What happened to me?’ Huang Mingming asked, his voice a bit hoarse, like being soaked in tobacco and alcohol. ‘Your head was smashed by the flower pot, but it was only slightly injured, a little concussion, I will pour some water for you.’ Li Heran looked up at her, reached out and gathered her hair around her ear, and got up and left. Huang Mingming just remembered it. I just walked down to a tall building and suddenly fell down a flower pot upstairs. Fortunately, she took a quick step and was only wiped the back of her head before she was spared. After Huang Mingming was afraid of getting a cold sweat, when the consciousness slowly woke up, the dull pain in the brain and the pain in the back of the neck were in full swing. Just then, the door of the ward opened, and Zhang Rong walked in quickly. ‘What happened?’ ‘The flowerpot was smashed, the concussion, and I sent it over.’ Zhang Rong sat down to Huang Mingming and touched her amount. ‘That thing – did you ask him?’ ‘No question, today is our 100th anniversary. I don’t want to ask about these disappointments.’ ‘What are you going to do?’ ‘–I still feel that this is not such a person, you see, he also sent me a necklace today to commemorate Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches.’ Said, Huang Mingming pointed to the necklace worn on his neck Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. Who knows that when Zhang Rong saw the necklace, her face suddenly became a white one. ‘Is this what he sent you?’ Zhang Rong’s look became very gloomy, Huang Mingming nodded and looked at her inexplicably. ‘what happened?’ ‘I advise you to take it down!’ ‘Why?’ ‘I remember this necklace I have seen, it is a very bad thing.’ Just when Zhang Rong said something in more detail, the footsteps in the corridor interrupted her words. She rushed to Huang Mingming in a hurry, burying her head and running out of the ward. Just as Li Heran passed by the door and passed the water, Huang Mingming clearly saw Li Heran’s face sullenly sullen. After waiting for Zhang Rong to go for a long time, Li Heran still stood in the same position and looked at Zhang Rong’s back.

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In 2018, the entire luxury industry, especially the fashion industry, was greatly affected by the young consumer group. These new generation customers have become the main consumers. How does Cartier plan to attract these young, new generation consumers in the future? In fact, Cartier did not deliberately attract young consumers, we are only presenting beautiful jewelry and watches. For example, the love series is a very popular jewelry series in Cartier. Young people like it Fake cartier tank watch, but older customers like it. It has nothing to do with age. As long as you want to express love, it is the best choice. For example, after the introduction of the Cheetah series watch last year, many young women love it,

Young people like it Fake cartier tank watch

but mature women do not like it Fake cartier tank Francaise watch, is it not suitable? No, this is a watch that can be worn by any woman. So what Cartier does is not to produce a product that appeals to young people, but to create a work with a timeless charm, young people, mature customers, and people who like it will naturally be attracted to it. . In my opinion, the key to attracting different consumer groups is not the appearance of the product, but the way we use it when presenting the product. It is like Shakespeare’s drama, created in the 16th century, but nowadays countless stage is using contemporary discourse to present it, and even Broadway’s singing and dancing style is very exciting. The same story of Romeo and Juliet, presented in different ways will appeal to different audiences, as well as watches and jewelry. In the new era environment Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches, the way we speak is actually how to use the platform of Weibo, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, etc. to ‘speak’.

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Cartier cheetah loves a big movie. In 1949, the Duchess of Windsor custom-made cheetah brooch, the cabochon sapphire weighed 152.35 carats. This rare jewel of treasures was returned to Cartier at the 1987 Sotheby’s in Geneva. The cheetah jewels are inspired by India’s splendid and magnificent fruit necklace, the first unicorn bracelet inspired by Chinese dragons and Indian gods. In the four years of the past four years, the L’Odyssée de Cartier image of Cartier, which was built two years ago, finally unveiled the mystery at the French Embassy in China. Beijing, Paris, New York and other 15 cities in the world premiered simultaneously. Television, cinema and network in 18 countries were presented. Many well-known cultural and artistic people such as Jia Zhangke and Ma Weidu attended the feast of the Beijing premiere. When mentioning Cartier, the little leopard can’t avoid the topic. The flexible cheetah, sometimes fierce, sometimes arrogant, and sometimes charming, is one of Cartier’s representative totems. The origins of Cartier and Cheetah began in 1914, and Louis Cartier commissioned illustrator George Barbier to design an invitation card with the theme ‘Ladies and Cheetahs’. The illustrator, designed in the late Belle époque style, depicts a young woman in a wrinkled maxi skirt with a cheetah at her feet. In the same year, the black and white leopard totem became one of Cartier’s decorative elements, appearing on the design of two women’s watches.

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The Bulgari LVCEA TUBOGAS watch is so popular, and the Bulgari conference will naturally not disappoint the goddess who loves him. The new Bulgari LVCEA Tubogas aura watch with 28mm and 33 Available in two sizes, stainless steel and rose gold, the Tubogas bracelet is a combination of many links. It has a sharp contrast with the round dial of the Lvcea watch Fake cartier tank watch, presenting a harmonious harmony. beauty of. In addition to being rooted in Roman culture, Bulgari, who pays tribute to the rich, welcoming and modern aesthetics of Bulgari, also added the Tubogas craft of the decorative art to the LVCEA series for the first time Fake cartier tank Francaise watch, expressing the infinite enthusiasm for a better life. Let you always exude women’s self-aura whenever and wherever. The new LVCEA Tubogas Halo watch has 5 new works, as Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group, said, ‘The LVCEA Tubogas Halo watch has a strong femininity, stylish and modern, perfect for everyday wear.

the first time Fake cartier tank Francaise watch

It reflects the rich creativity of Bulgari and explains the style of decorativeism. ‘In addition to the release of five new works, the Bulgari conference also exhibited 38 Tubogas antique watches, jewellery and modern watches. Like a time clue, flip through the splendid time of Bulgari Tubogas craft. In the 1940s, Bulgari introduced the Tubogas craft into the jewellery watch for the first time Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches, which gave birth to the Serpenti snake-shaped watch. The bracelet design of the bracelet gave it a strong decorative meaning and became a classic symbol of this period. Since then, Bulgari has used Tubogas technology in jewellery and watches to create a wide range of treasures, not only in combination with the Bvlgari Bvlgari watch, but also in the innovative use of Tubogas technology in ceramic materials. The Serpenti Spiga collection is a unique place in the decorative arts of women. Nowadays, the LVCEA watch series, which symbolizes the ‘Power of Light’, meets Tubogas craftsmanship for the first time, shining a dazzling aura through time and space.

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Van Cleef u0026 Arpels is a famous French luxury brand. Since the birth of the first Van Cleef u0026 Arpels jewelry in 1906 Fake cartier tank watch, VCA has been loved by aristocrats and celebrities all over the world. Top jewellery brand. Van Cleef u0026 Arpels created a diamond-shaped symbol with the letters VC and A wrote by the brand with the visual design of the Vanton column at the Place. The brand logo was registered in 1938, and every time Van Cleef u0026 Arpels launches a new work, it will engrave the brand mark on it, symbolizing the source of precious stones and precious metal content are strictly controlled by quality. The Placeton Gallery is recognized as the ��Paris Jewelry Box��

Arpels jewelry in 1906 Fake cartier tank watch

and is the birthplace of fashion. The Van Dune column is placed in the center of the square. Van Cleef u0026 Arpels uses this as a totem design, revealing the high expectations of self-positioning. It also seems that the world will never forget the trademark’s entrepreneurial spirit Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches. Van Cleef u0026 Arpels, the top French jewellery brand that derives from true love stories, has witnessed countless moving love legends in its centuries-old development. Its Bridal wedding series has won praises for its fine diamonds and exquisite craftsmanship. The favor of ladies and ladies. the Antibes residence of the Dukes of Windsor to the grand wedding of the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, Van Cleef u0026 Arpels can be seen everywhere to bring the noble and happiness to the protagonist. The red material of Van Cleef u0026 Arpels visa is called carnelian. The color of this stone is bright and is under a red color like flesh and blood. The red chalcedony is orange to red translucent chalcedony. The texture is superb, crystal clear, the color is pure and thick, the hardness is large, and the sound is crisp and soft. The red chalcedony in Van Cleef u0026 Arpels’ four-leaf clover comes from Germany’s Idar-Oberstein. The color is translucent and lustrous. The gloss is more chaste. After high-polished, it is manufactured into a necklace. The red color is no dull nor too bright. The wearer’s white skin is part of the most popular materials.

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Bracelet with unique ‘screw’ design can only be opened by a couple with a special screwdriver, which means the love is eternal. Its design concept is love-themed, the bracelet is attached to the wrist of the lover, and the lock is locked with a screwdriver. Live, without a screwdriver, the bracelet will not be opened; wearing this accessory is like tying the two hearts together forever Fake cartier tank watch. The pink rope is decorated with two rings: a diamond-encrusted 18K rose gold ring, a brown precision ceramic ring. The rope length can be adjusted in the boutique Fake cartier tank Francaise watch,

together forever Fake cartier tank watch.

and the black rope is decorated with two rings: a white diamond 18K gold ring, a black precision Ceramic ring. The rope length can be adjusted in the boutique. Brown cord with three rings: an 18K yellow gold ring, an 18K rose gold ring, set with 4 diamonds, and a chocolate-colored precision ceramic ring. The ring has a diameter of 10.8 mm. Black cord with three rings: two white 18K gold rings (one ring with 4 diamonds) and a black precision ceramic ring Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches. The ring has a diameter of 10.8 mm. The LOVE jewellery collection, which expresses the spirit of freedom, was born in New York in the 1970s, witnessing the lingering legendary love and becoming the embodiment of the Declaration of Love. Today’s LOVE series continues the classic screw design to create a variety of jewellery that fits the skin.

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If you have a pain, you must cherish yourself. If you have a pain, you must cherish yourself. When you walk alone, when the old wounds hurt, give yourself a strong reason, life makes people weak, love makes people strong, whether for themselves, or for those who care about us and love us. If you have a pain, you should cherish yourself and be kind to yourself Fake cartier tank watch. Find a reason to be strong and courageous. The night is already deep, but I have no drowsiness. Maybe it’s a cold headache, I can’t sleep well; I may still be thinking about what happened the day before, which makes it difficult for me to sleep. One was lying quietly on the bed, watching the dark night outside the window silently thinking about things, thinking about what happened in these two days. The scene that happened the day before yesterday is still so clear, or is it so earthquakey, everything is as vivid as it seems, just as it happened. I really admire how I have been able to be so calm after such a heartache, so calm, so strong. Although I understand that everything will not change, it is impossible to change, so I can only choose calm, choose silence, choose patience, and choose strong. Everyone has hidden pains that are unknown. Over the years, I have always placed the most secret pain in the deepest part of my heart, and maintained the so-called harmonious and happy life with kindness and strength. Because I understand that I can’t come to the perfect life, I don’t dare to ask for it. Everything should not be extravagant, I never go to luxury, everything is not my own happiness, I never dare to expect. I often ask myself, who am I living for? Live for yourself, for children, or for family? But I found that I am not living for myself at all. I am living for my family and for my family. Home is the harbor I rely on. Children are the most difficult thing for me. Family is the fundamental benefit of my life. I want to live for myself. A person lives freely, lives as he pleases, lives without concern, and lives happily. But why can’t I live for myself? Why do you still have so many unstoppable ties? I have always said that I am happy. But in fact, how much hard work I have to pay in this happiness, but who can understand the bitterness behind my pay? Who can really understand the pain in my heart? In the eyes of others, I am happy and strong. My personality is still so cheerful, my smile is still so bright. But who can understand the pain hidden behind my smile, and who can understand the fragility under my strong disguise? I used to think that if I pay for it, I will be rewarded. Even if this return is not proportional to the ratio I pay, I will be safe. However, how many times of paying, but in exchange for the helplessness again and again, heartache again and again. I am surrounded by love, affection and responsibility, and I am tired. All the effort is paid for by yourself, and this kind of effort does not expect to be rewarded. Tears can’t melt the long-lasting ice in my heart; weakness can’t be exchanged for the sympathy of others;

 my heart is exhausted

kindness can’t be exchanged for others’ understanding; tenderness can’t be exchanged for any comfort. I am often lost in the illusion of comforting myself Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. When I find that I gradually lose my passion in such day-to-day tolerance, I am confused, start to get confused, start to groan, and start to fear. But in the depths of the soul, there is always one of the most authentic voices calling for me: ‘Strong, you must deal with everything firmly!’ So, I began to try to communicate, trying to change, but all efforts always aborted in sensitive resistance. Every time I communicate directly, I will make me cry in the ruthlessness of cold words. Choosing to give up may be able to get liberated. But is love really so easy to give up? What about the previous emotional vows? Is this vow of feelings really unbearable for the rest? Love, is it so fragile? Love, is it so vulnerable? In this way, continue to move forward in the tunnel of life, happiness and happiness, happiness and happiness, pain and pain, silence and silence, patience and patience, strong and strong. In the night of the sky, in front of the lonely screen, knock on the messy words that only you can fully understand. In my heart, the text has become the object of my confession, and the text has become a kind of comfort and sustenance in my heart. The text has become a strong spiritual pillar that I must strengthen. Although the confession of the words has eased the long-repressed inner heart, it has brought me deeper pain. Although the deepest pain is speechless, the pain in my heart, the helplessness, I am no longer helpless. In fact, the emotions expressed by the words are really pale, very helpless. The more you write, the more sad you are, the more you think about it. But I can only seek peace of mind again and again in such a way in the random tapping. Only then will the emotions be calm, and only then will the emotions relax. Only then will the emotions be calm. I still understand that I will not change or change in any way, and the inertia of life has become the main theme of my life. Although I want to let me be completely free, I don’t want to just let go of it. I am still full of expectations for a perfect future, full of infinite desire for love, full of confidence in life, full of courage to work hard. I don’t want to live up to anyone, I would rather live up to myself than to let others down. Although I understand that life will be helpless, there will be regrets, there will be heartache, but I will still cling to my beliefs. Love is not strong, and my heart is exhausted. Tired, I already feel tired. Living is a kind of tiredness; being alive is a helplessness; being alive is a kind of patience. Everything in the past has become a thing of the past, and nothing is no longer possible. What I should do is to continue to respond, continue to wait, continue to persist, continue to bear, and continue to give myself a strong reason. I can only use this to comfort myself and give myself a strong reason. Strong, I have to deal with everything strong! Give yourself a strong reason Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches, there is nothing in life that can’t go wrong. Suddenly I found out that I am actually the protagonist of life. I have always been the protagonist of life. I am not only living for my family, but also living for myself. Living is a kind of happiness! I have a pain, give myself a strong reason, live well, cherish yourself, and treat yourself well!

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I remember every time I accelerated my heartbeat Fake cartier tank watch, remember every sweet mood, remember how much I love you. There is a line in the movie ‘Sudden Hearts’: ‘One day you will meet a rainbow-like person. When you meet this person, you will feel that everyone else is just a cloud.’ What moment in life makes you feel at ease? I believe you have met such a person, Every move and smile of ta is very exciting. Your smile is all my warmth Glittering! Whenever I go to the warehouse to pick up the goods, I can see that she is smirking at you behind you. I feel warm in my heart. Protect our little A-Bing Falling asleep, facing him, he will slowly turn me over, gently kiss my forehead, hold me to sleep Slow When I was together, I told me a story every day, even if I fell asleep, he would habitually tell me. Because I missed him, he took a train from Shanghai to Beijing to see me for twenty hours [Jesus] It’s good to have you. Cat sister selling sugar at the alley I am confessing to me! Send a circle of friends and ask me to forgive me for loving me forever! Take care of my feelings on some small things! It’s raining to buy the fish I love to eat and catch a cold! I can’t help but kiss me many times every day! I was very bright when I saw it! Help me change my clothes afterwards! Every day makes me feel excited Wild I have a fever, he is sitting in a chair, holding me in my arms, putting on my headphones, putting on the music I like to listen to, gently putting my head on his shoulder, he can’t say a word, he’s afraid When I was arguing with me, I used my face to stick to my face from time to time to see if I was burning.

accelerated my heartbeat Fake cartier tank watch

It was very powerful. I was wearing a hat on the downstairs. I was afraid that I would be careful with the wind and slowly accompany me to the dormitory downstairs like Dad. Love me, pet me like a princess Ko la In a different place, April Fool’s Day jokes that he used to look for him and think about him. It was 658km apart and he arrived at me in the evening. Roxanne ‘Which moment, let your heart beat?’ ‘Every minute, every night, every night.’ ◎ When I went to climb the mountain, I slipped my hair and told him to wait for me. He ran back to kneel and helped me tie my shoes. ◎A few times, I didn’t wear enough winds. He took off his jacket and put it on my body and then hugged me even more. ◎ No matter where I go, even if the crowd is crowded, I will hold my hand. ◎ crossing the road will always protect me inside. ◎Everything to eat always asks what I want to eat Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. I am not allowed to eat and snack without eating. It will only make me full and will not make me hungry. ◎ When chorus love songs are deeply affectionate. ◎ Gentlely help me wash my hair and comb my hair. ◎When I watched the singer together, I circled me in my arms. Xiao Jingteng was singing ‘You are the person I love deeply.’ When I sang the chorus, I buried my head in his chest. He subconsciously tightened his arm. I looked up. To his eyes, a kiss fell. ◎ When I am angry and tempered, I will put the following to yell at me. ◎ I will always prepare for me. ◎ When I did not do well in front of people, he would be serious and dying to tell me reason afterwards. ◎ Ming Ming work is too busy to die, or will be the first to return to me. ◎What kind of clothes do I wear for haircuts? If you have makeup, he will find out different things and praise me. ◎ If he is unhappy, he will take the initiative to tell me the first time. I will give him a shoulder to give him comfort, but he is also afraid of his own impulse. ◎He is my special photographer + jukebox + bag younger brother ◎ He said that he wants to eat whatever he wants to buy and ask for reimbursement ◎ He said that he is not allowed to lose weight Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches. The meat is good and it is comfortable. ◎ He can’t wait to tell the world that I am his, take me to see his brothers and friends. ◎He will teach me to exercise with me. ◎ Princess holding, lifting high, tickling, tick… ◎ He always practices love with action. ◎ He loves me, loves me very much, only loves me. In the scenery where everything is human, I like you. Love you. When I first met, I went to sing with my friends. When I was playing, he sang a song. Tao Shu’s love was very simple. He sang and walked towards me. He sang to me half a sigh, and the whole room suddenly quieted down. Really think that you should be so romantic. Every day when you go home from work, you have to go home by a small half to get home. He has inadvertently said that he has walked this way for three years. He said that I will accompany you in this road. At that moment, I felt that I had been in this life. Although I am separated now, I feel very warm when I think of it. Circle circle. I feel that there is always a lot of emotion when I like each other. He will get up early to brush his teeth and work for me to squeeze the toothpaste. We are separated by twenty kilometers. He also has a lot of things to do every day. But he basically comes to eat with me at noon every day and then pick me up at work in the evening. After the meal was finished, I was sent back to the dormitory. He said that he never helped women wash clothes including his mother. But after I was with me, I didn’t wash my clothes anymore. He would accompany me to be crazy together. I am just eating the goods, he is also. We often go everywhere to eat. Roadside stalls are also happy. I will secretly buy a little thing for my husband. Unfortunately, I am too arrogant. He has already lost him now. I can’t come back anymore. Feng Kao will pass When I was in college, the dormitory wires ran into fire. He heard the news and quickly came to the bedroom downstairs. When he didn’t find me, he resolutely ran into the bedroom building where the smoke was blowing. In fact, I was only downstairs at the time. saw me. When I later heard about his feat, I secretly vowed in my heart that this boy must not leave him, but in the end we can’t escape graduation = break up the doom Funny soul picks one Apricot flower when falling Angry, yelling at him on the phone, he has been listening, waiting for you when you can’t move, ask: thirst? Is it finished? Did not finish drinking and continue to drink! I laughed out in an instant, what can I say? Hui Pingping Every time he fell asleep, he still used to use his hands to take me to sleep. He was getting tighter and tighter. As I crossed the bed, I almost fell out of bed. When I wake him up and tell him, he is confused. Go back a bit and still hold me tight Su Liangwei Take me to climb Nanshan, then I can’t walk, he ran to the front to stop, smiled and said, run fast, I said that I am tired and then he walked over and said, then you are not here, I am not Will it pass? No words Because I am lazy, when I don’t want to move in bed, he will turn over for me. Kiki Once, my cat sneaked into our bed after we fell asleep. My husband knew that he would definitely go to bed so that we put a pillow on our soles to block his way to bed. Who knows that the cat jumped into bed and then was He rushed out of bed (I didn’t know this time). The second time I jumped from my stomach to me, scared him to sit up and see if the cat stepped on my face and woke me up~~ When he said to me in the morning, it was really going to kiss him directly. 诠 Interpretation ヽ° I met for the first time. He sang to me. I changed the lyrics of the southern girl into a northern girl because I am from the north. Then we are together

the tea vortex Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches

I really want to rain, so I want the rain to wash away that memory. Maybe the rain will make me awake. The feeling of rain hitting the face can make people confused whether it is tears or rain, so I can say: the boy does not cry! The rain gently and softly sprinkled on the ground, washed away all the dirty dust on the ground, giving people a clean and clean feeling, but the cold rain could not wash away the gray mood on my body! I walked out of the noisy street, and the world of light was so far away from me. I walked to the center of the avenue and stood there. There was only rain in the front and back. People didn’t know where to hide. This is great! Holding an umbrella, there is a soft and warm feeling in my heart that I barely breathe Fake cartier tank watch. There was a scene in the past, and one shot after another seemed to have been discussed long ago. I slowly walked through the rain in my eyes and walked slowly… The rain fell from the sky on the umbrella, wet from the umbrella into my cold body, I just stood, I don’t know how long I stood, I don’t know if I am tired. I can no longer choose to look at you with such a kind of sad eyes, this kind of me, the feeling of happiness has become a heartache! This rain, can’t see whether it is horizontal or oblique, my umbrella, I don’t know which direction to cover. An umbrella, a person, the feeling of walking in the wind and rain is so lonely! Then silently turned and left the corner. Although it was a rush, it was enough for me to relish all day. The rain stopped slowly, and the bleak autumn wind blew through, blowing away the golden maple leaves,

the tea vortex Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches

and a little tears Fake cartier tank Francaise watch, drifting away into the distance, turning into a cloud. Lost heart, chasing with Xiao Ran autumn wind, nowhere to find! Landing, dusting. Who, when, look up at the genius to see the rainbow, look back at the wind and not see the sand; perhaps the water is long to the east, things are human; maybe the edge of the shoulders, look back has passed! Maybe I am too fanciful and forget that I am not a god; maybe I am too obsessed and forget to be in the sky. I am not a god but I want the gods to move, and things are in heaven but I believe in heaven. Look for a piece of pure soil, a blue flower, instead of the sky. I hope that the four seasons will be free, and the flowers will bloom brightly; I hope that the autumn wind will be like a song! Drinking tea and drinking is a state of mind. It feels that the body and mind are purified, and the impetuousness is filtered out. Tea is a kind of sentiment, a silence that rests on the desire; a kind of sadness that wants to laugh and sorrow; a kind of ‘one thousand red cup, Wan Yan Tong Yao’ after the hustle and bustle. Tea is a collection of memories of spring. Drinking tea in any season can feel the lazy sunshine of spring. Sitting in a person’s room, pour a cup of tea, and watch the tea roll often also give birth to a lot of emotions: the tea will have a strong fragrance after boiling water, and life must be tempered before it can be calm. No matter who it is, if you can’t stand the warmth and warmth of the world, you will not be able to enjoy the fragrance of life. When you look at the tea, when you just rush into the water, roll back and forth in the water, isn’t it like us who are involved in the world? I hit the wall everywhere, and I was bruised and bruised. If so, I love to drink tea. If you want to behave as you like, you can say that the arty is elegant. Although you still don’t dare to call it ‘product’ but only ‘drink’, you can only drink the bitterness of tea, and ‘smell’ to get the fragrance of tea. It has not reached the point where there is no tea in a day. The days without tea really feel dull and uninteresting. For me, I like to have a cup of tea on a lonely rainy night, sitting alone in front of the window, watching the leaves fall, listening to the rain and knocking on the window, in the mist of tea, in the light tea, the product is clear and light. Shallow bitterness, I want a deep faint heart… Gently shake the tea cup in your hand, look at the light green tea or needle or piece, suddenly up and down, surrounded by, floating and floating, changing different positions, trying to find a best balance point of your own. I am anxious, I often wait for the tea to soak, and then blow the cup, drive the tea vortex Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches, watch the tea gather and disperse, but helplessly separate. A small mouthful of tea, the shallow bitterness of the Qing and Qing Dynasties swayed between the tongue, filling the throat. After that, take a deep breath, the full fragrance of the lips, spread in the lungs, all the exhaustion and indifference. People seem to be drunk, and they don’t want to wake up for a long time. It is night, the tea is full of room, the cup of tea is changed from light to thick, floating and sinking, gathering and dispersing, and bitterness and fragrance are slowly realized: life is like tea.