Cartier cheetah loves a big movie

Cartier cheetah loves a big movie. In 1949, the Duchess of Windsor custom-made cheetah brooch, the cabochon sapphire weighed 152.35 carats. This rare jewel of treasures was returned to Cartier at the 1987 Sotheby’s in Geneva. The cheetah jewels are inspired by India’s splendid and magnificent fruit necklace, the first unicorn bracelet inspired by Chinese dragons and Indian gods. In the four years of the past four years, the L’Odyssée de Cartier image of Cartier, which was built two years ago, finally unveiled the mystery at the French Embassy in China. Beijing, Paris, New York and other 15 cities in the world premiered simultaneously. Television, cinema and network in 18 countries were presented. Many well-known cultural and artistic people such as Jia Zhangke and Ma Weidu attended the feast of the Beijing premiere. When mentioning Cartier, the little leopard can’t avoid the topic. The flexible cheetah, sometimes fierce, sometimes arrogant, and sometimes charming, is one of Cartier’s representative totems. The origins of Cartier and Cheetah began in 1914, and Louis Cartier commissioned illustrator George Barbier to design an invitation card with the theme ‘Ladies and Cheetahs’. The illustrator, designed in the late Belle époque style, depicts a young woman in a wrinkled maxi skirt with a cheetah at her feet. In the same year, the black and white leopard totem became one of Cartier’s decorative elements, appearing on the design of two women’s watches.

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