Megan’s second watches have a high frequency

Megan’s second watches have a high frequency, such as the photo with the screen lovers, the golden watch on the wrist, the timing button, the Rolex in the chain, and a bit like dicononna.

But it’s not: the surface of the shell is not oysters, not the oyster; the table ring has no speed meter; the chain is like the head of the yuan, but it is not, if it is more wrong – Di Tong is an oyster chain or a rubber strap, the head chain is Rolex’s “positive chain”, used on the week calendar and small size log type, will not appear in On the exercise table.

Megan's second watches have a high frequency

Luckily we found another Megan’s own high definition photo. Please ignore freckles and focus on the watch: three eye plates are connected together; there is no speedometer, so it must not be dendon; there is a line of letters beneath 12 points, about two words, and the name of the brand. Look again, there is a date window at the 4 o’clock position.

According to these characteristics, we found this watch, which is Megan’s American “townsman”, from the MICHEAL KORS (MK) fashion table. MK can be said to be very good. Even the waterproofing design buttons are completely copied, but only look, after all, it’s just a more than 2000 – yuan fashion watch.

But from the two photos, Megan likes to fold, the bracelet, the bracelet and the watch on one hand at the same time. But it’s a fashion trend, but does it not conform to the Royal dress code?

The Megan table is likely to be Cartire TANK Watches

Rachel’s watch is a square case, a silver metal chain, which we immediately think of are Cartire TANK, Longines daiwina, and Patek Philippe TWENTY~4.

Cartire TANK Watches

The precision of the play is not high, and it is vague to see that it is a single layer of light meter circle. There is no drill or bilateral, so the possibility of Patek Philippe TWENTY~4 is excluded; in addition, from the watch chain structure, Longines deibo Wiener is also far away, and the Megan’s square is likely to be Cartire TANK.

TANK has a number of sub series, from this point of view, the head and the chain link part has a trapezium, so the form features of Rachel’s form more in line with the TANK FRAN AISE, which is called the “French tank”.

If Megan wore Cartire in real life, it would be a good idea. After all, her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diane often wore a watch and a Cartire TANK series, and she was the princess of Princess sister-in-law.

The famous name of Cartire is “emperor’s jewels, the emperor of jewellery”, so the British royal family seems to be perfectly fit to wear a Cartire watch, but Cartire is better to change the Slogan, “royal jewelry and watch”, or the watch looks like a “sideline”.

Prince Harry often wears a Rolex Explorer II and a breitling Aerospace

Just this past weekend, the whole world has been married by Megan and Harry, and the story of Cinderella and the prince is still loved by the world.

But marriage to the royal family, not just the appearance looks so bright and beautiful, but also to bear the responsibility of the image of the British state, more privacy, dress collocation, walking will be the talk of the people of the world.

Prince Harry often wears a Rolex Explorer II and a 100 year old Aerospace.

It is not a secret for the royal members to wear a wrist watch. For example, Prince William often wears a OMEGA seahorse 300 in more than 10 years. Everyone says that because this is the gift to him from the princess Diane, the prince thinks his mother.

Prince Harry often wears a Rolex Explorer II and a piece of Aerospace, but we still have some new discoveries about the Harry Potter, and later, we first look at the new royal members, Princess Megan, and what watches have been worn over the years.

Before marrying Harry, Megan was a little famous actor in Hollywood, without a big screen image. If not because of a relationship with the British royal family, we would not know Megan today because of the identity of the actor.

Since 2011, the American drama “golden dress lawyer” has become popular. In this double male drama, Megan, who plays the role of female one, is a ride. Previously, Megan was more like Penny in the big bang. It should be called “Hollywood drift”.

According to BBC’s documentary film “Royal Romance” that Megan and Harry had a love affair with, the two were just because Harry was a fan of the gold dress lawyer, Megan played the “old money” Rachel in the upper east side of New York, just the other half of Harry ‘s ideal.

We searched a large number of pictures from the Megan plays and found three wristwatches: one is Megan’s Rachel, who often wears the table in the gold dress lawyer, and the other two in the media.

Lawyer in the United States is an elite class, high IQ, high education, high income, wearing advanced formal dress is the standard, which is the connotation of the English name Suits, so the lawyer should wear the advanced formal wrist watch.