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He said that people are in the world, acquaintance is a kind of fate, can help others to be happy, macro to see the world, to go to be a person. When it was snowing, I drove a thousand miles to Shijiazhuang to send cotton clothes to the students I funded. When I left, the boy said, ‘Auntie, I don’t know how I will repay you in the future?’ I said: ‘I don’t need you to repay, I just hope to have One day if you can help others, you must help him.’ Snow fluttering, is the boy’s red eyes. As soon as I spoke, my eyes were full of tears. How familiar words, Gao Bobo said to me ten years ago, after many years, I didn’t even say it to another person. Sometimes one thing or one person can change your life. 15 years ago, I came to Tianjin from a small town in the north. When I graduated, I went to visit a friend and met Gao Bobo in the same ward. He asked me: ‘Where is the graduation?’ I said: ‘I have already entered a big company, but I have to pay a cross-provincial fee of 3,000 yuan, maybe I will go home.’ Three thousand yuan was at my time. The eyes are simply astronomical figures, that is the salary of my father for more than a year Fake cartier tank watch. I don’t want to increase the burden on my family. Gao Bobo said: ‘Since ancient times, people who are blessed are born in a generous place. If you have the opportunity to stay in a big city, don’t miss it.’ I bowed my head. Gao Bobo said: ‘If it is economic difficulties, I will help you, children, if money can change people’s destiny, then it will come in handy, lose the opportunity, you will regret for a lifetime.’ ‘Thank you, If I borrowed you, I will return it to you in the future.’ The uncle said with a smile, when the spring was cold, my heart was burning like a fire, and the water met me to help me change my destiny. I still warm my heart for many years. So I successfully entered a foreign company. By the Spring Festival that year, I had already spent 1,500 yuan. I went to see Gao Bobo. I said, ‘I will pay you half of it first. The rest of the money may be given to you later because I ‘Continue to go to school.’ ‘Children, I don’t want you to give it back to me, and I don’t need you to repay. I only hope that one day you can help others. You must help him. People are in a foreign land, don’t be embarrassed, have difficulty telling I.’ Gao Bobo was silent on weekdays. Except that he lived in a nursing home, I knew nothing about his life. Later, I went to work in the field for a few years. When I came back, Gao Bobo did not know where to go. In this way, I lost contact, but the warmth that he gave me, so that no matter where I am, no matter what I encountered, I always believe that there is love in the world, and there is still a blue sky outside the window. Last year, I accidentally saw a business card at a business conference. The name of the group is the same as that of Gao Bobo. I curiously called the phone. It’s really a life that doesn’t meet. It’s really a high-ranking company. It’s already Jin. The famous private entrepreneurs in the city, the heavens are good, I believe that Gao Bobo will have today. I haven’t seen it for many years. Gao Bobo is already full of white hair. He said that I have matured a lot.

 warm as spring Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches.

I have never spoken. I first handed over 1,500 yuan. ‘Gao Bobo, this is the money I owe you.’ ‘Child, you have ‘I owe my money?’ ‘Yes, this has always been my heart disease, I owe you too much.’ ‘Well, since it is the child’s mind, I will accept it.’ I believe that Gao Bobo will not Forget it, 1,500 yuan is probably insignificant for Gao Bobo, who is already a multi-millionaire today, but it is still my half-month salary, but I must return it to him because honesty is priceless. Gao Bobo said that his company has grown from a small development to relying on honesty and credit. A penny is as important as a business of 10,000 yuan. He said that the company is developing very fast. I hope that I can help him and give me a car. The house salary has doubled, and I refused to say it. Maybe I don’t want Gao Bobo to be disappointed. For good feelings, I hope to keep it perfectly. I told Gao Bobo that I have funded a student from Changbai Mountain like me. He is very happy Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. He said that he relied on the accumulation of a spoonful of rice and an egg in the village to complete his studies. This simple feeling has benefited him all his life. endless. He said that people are in the world, acquaintance is a kind of fate, can help others to be happy, macro to see the world, to go to be a person. Say goodbye to Gao Bobo, there are still snow fluttering outside, but my heart is warm as spring Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches. One thing can warm a person’s life, I really feel it, I also give it to another person, I told the boy that ‘poverty is not terrible, terrible is not pursue. Believe that knowledge changes fate.’ The transmission of love is like a beautiful necklace in textile. It is a group of people who meet each other, giving light to the dark road and warming each other.

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He first went to Australia to film and came back and bought a precious fish bone necklace for her. The crystal clear beads exude a scent of scent Fake cartier tank watch. She was surprised to ask: ‘Is this really made of fish bones?’ So he told her: ‘These beads are polished with the bones of a very rare fish in the tropics; a skeleton of a fish can be Grinding 6 beads; and, only the beads that are polished by the male and female fish bones are together, http://www.hwkcnmu.com/exo6o/, will give off the fragrance. The fish bone necklace is the representative of the firm and Aroma.’ Two lines of tears of crystal, pouring out of her throat, she was deeply deepened by the fish bone necklace in front of her eyes. He smiled and said she was stupid. However, in the third year after marriage, he fell in love with an actress in the crew. Under the strong offensive of the actress, he finally made a request to her. She accepted it silently. Just as they were busy with the excitement of organizing a grand engagement ceremony,

no longer there Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches

he was driving in a car accident and was lying unconscious in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The hospital issued several notices of critical illness to his family, and the actress never showed up. She stayed in the ward, took care of him with his family, and worried about him, http://www.um25q.eu/31kwh/, tears. He can wake up and even the doctor thinks it is a miracle. The person he saw at first sight was an embarrassing woman. The tears of two lines of remorse poured out from his eyes. He said that she used to touch God and made him come back again. On the day of discharge, she asked him to go to the beach together Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. At this time, standing on the ancient plank road, he asked in a hurry: ‘Can you… and you… start again?’ She took the fishbone necklace from the bag and rip it open, then she would scatter In the palm of the palm, a grain of sprinkles into the sea. Then she said faintly: ‘With a bead, the fragrance is no longer there Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches.’ Since then, he has never seen her again.

Even if he loves you and stays in the desert island Fake cartier tank watch

He is a tear in your past life. In this life, no matter who decorates your dream, his dream is only the only embellishment of you; no matter who you call, your name is the only obsession in his dream. not regret. –Inscription In the world, perhaps you are a cinnabar that is branded in his heart, but in the end it has become a flower that makes him unreachable. I don’t know if it is the interlacing of time, or the cause and effect of reincarnation, there is kind of love, and the distance that you will always turn away from you. Once you start, it will never end. You come, lost his dreams; you go, fat his acacia. Love is a very mysterious thing. It is unclear, the road is unknown, the cut is constant, and it is still chaotic. In the world, there is a kind of love that knows no results, but still sticks to the original place, and does not leave, even if you can’t hold your slightest temperature, he still chooses to wait for you silently. Along the way, his heart is only for you, his mountain city is only for you, his day is only for you, his night is only for you. Even if he loves you and stays in the desert island Fake cartier tank watch, he will still look at you with the most affectionate look. From the day I fell in love with you, the thoughts became an addiction that he couldn’t stop. Your smile, a glimpse, all touched his heart, a hundred thousand thoughts, he only read a glimpse; thousands of red face, he only loves one person. He is willing to wander in your story for a lifetime, willing to stand for you before the horse, the horse is the leader, even if you never give him a promise, even if you never give him half a love, he still has no regrets. As Zhang Ailing said, ‘waiting for the rain is the fate of Umbrella I.’ When you are deeply rooted in his heart, no power can remove you from his heart. Whether you are the roller blind person around him or not Fake cartier tank Francaise watch,





Even if he loves you and stays in the desert island Fake cartier tank watch

whether you are a sleeper in his account, his gaze will always be drawn by you. In his love story, you must be an irreplaceable protagonist. Since then, In his waiting, in the wish, in the blessing, in the care, there will be you. He can quit everything, but he can’t stop you. Just because I saw you more in the crowd, he never went far. He is not close to disturbing. He is afraid that he will disturb your pace of life. He does not easily say love to you. He is afraid that doing it is an offense, a kind of awkwardness, a kind of injury; he does not easily change his mobile number. I am afraid that you are worried about finding him. Because of love, he can make you dusty for you, you can give up the sun and moon mountains and rivers for you, you can wander around the sea. He doesn’t care if there is spring in his four seasons, because only you are his human being in April; he doesn’t care if he lives in the day or night, because only you can illuminate his world. In fact, he is afraid of loneliness, but because he will let himself fall into deep loneliness; in fact, he is afraid of loneliness, but he will let him follow the loneliness because you will let yourself. How hopeful he is, you can understand his silence, understand his silence, understand his words and stop. Sometimes you can’t see him because he is hiding behind you; sometimes you can’t hear him because he secretly disguised himself with silence. Even if he is far from your high mountains, as long as you call him, he will be able to arrive quickly; even if he has everything to do, as long as you wave to him, he will certainly turn his back. You make him sad, he will laugh and say no; you hurt him, he will find reasons to forgive. If you laugh, maybe he will smile more brilliantly than you; if you shed tears, maybe he will be more sad than you. Because of you, he will fall in love with the city where you live. The place where you live is the fascination of his dreams. The distance keeps his love; the time, the light does not fade his thoughts. For the reincarnation of the season, he always believes that this life is only for you, even if he is missing this life, he will make an appointment for the next life. Walking in the South, he will be eager to shake you and travel through the misty and rainy towns of Jiangnan Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches.

When he is in the North, he will look forward to sharing snow with you and going through the snow curtains to the fairy tale of dreams. His footsteps drift with you, and his heart beats with you. Inexplicable, seeing a figure similar to yours, and hearing a voice similar to yours, he will be excited for a long time. Whenever and wherever he is, he is quietly loving you in another way that is not known to you. Xu Zhimo said: ‘At least once in a lifetime, I forgot myself for someone, I don’t ask for results, I don’t ask for a walk, I don’t want to have it, I don’t even want you to love me, I just want to be in my most beautiful years. To you.’ He is like this, I met you in this life, he thinks it is his happiness, even though this happiness is mixed with thousands of pains. There is a period of life, but this waiting will never end, the bustling red dust, who is the happiness of who? As far as he is concerned, how can a river be like a cinnabar? You will always be the painting that he can’t finish, and he will never read it. Whenever you look back, you will find that he is only a distance away from you, people are there, never left!

always throws it aside Fake cartier tank watch, don’t care! She asked him very carefully

They are classmates and neighbors. They go to school with their bags every day, take their little hands together to go to school, and hold an umbrella when it rains. She is very beautiful, and the boys like to be with her. However, the way they express their liking is always very strange. They rub her hand back and pull her hair, and she hurts to cry. He will suddenly appear next to her and say to all the boys: ‘She is my sister, don’t bully her!’ To be a warrior is a price to pay. He was beaten by a group of boys because of her, but he got the results he wanted. They never stopped bullying her. In this way, they came all the way to the middle school. He is already a tall, handsome boy, and she is ordinary. The beautiful girls want to replace her with her next to him, but no one can replace it. For so many years, every morning he was riding a bicycle to go to school. They agreed that the same school should be taken in the future so that he can continue to take care of her. He is very good, there are many admirers, she is often forced to work as a postman, and the girls always ask her to hand him after writing a love letter to him. He never looks at it, always throws it aside Fake cartier tank watch, don’t care! She asked him very carefully: ‘Do you see those letters?’ ‘Look!’ He answered casually. ‘Do you like to dislike one of those girls?’ ‘I don’t like it?’ She gave more letters and asked more times. He thundered at her: ‘Don’t show me these letters in the future.’ You don’t have to worry about it!’ She grievously said to him: ‘You have no sense of security!’ Then he ran away with anger. After graduating from high school, she did not take the same school with him, but separated so far apart. That year, he was 19 years old and she was 18 years old.



 always throws it aside Fake cartier tank watch, don't care! She asked him very carefully


Occasionally come back in the summer vacation, meet in the same yard, he will ask: ‘Is it okay at school? Does anyone bully you?’ She said faintly: ‘Fortunately, I am not so bullied!’ Looking at her back, an unspeakable pain like a little mouse slowly licks his heart. Her mother said that she stayed in the city and had a boyfriend who loved her very much. He smiled and blessed her, but he was full of heart. When he graduated from college, he added a girl next to him. It was his girlfriend, and she couldn’t tell how cute it was. She only thought that the girl had a habit similar to her. But that year, she was alone. When they met on the street, she looked at the girl with his arm around him and said with a smile: ‘There is someone around me!’ He squatted to the side People introduced that she is his sister. He asked in his brother’s tone: ‘Is there another person? Why didn’t you come back with you?’ ‘He?’ She sneered. ‘I broke up early! He has too many girls like you, I can’t feel it at all.’ ‘Safety!’ She rubbed her hair and said to her around her: ‘But my brother is a very good man. Once he falls in love with someone, he will love it all his life!’ The girl was ashamed He smiled and said: ‘He just has too many pursuers. I used to be a good friend with him. Many girls saw that we had a good relationship. I asked them to send them a letter to him. Later I wrote a book myself…’ When she heard this, her face suddenly paled and she said to them: ‘I’m sorry, I am a little uncomfortable. I have to go home and have a rest!’ He watched her leave in a sinister state and suddenly felt something. Back home, taking advantage of his girlfriend to accompany his mother to cook, he found the pile of love letters in the corner of the bookcase for many years, he looked for it in a sealed way, he always felt that there must be her written inside. He finally found the pale blue envelope that wrote her beautiful little in the last stack, and he fell angrily and sat down on the ground. ‘Actually, I always hope that I am not your sister. Although you have always loved me by loving your sister, I only know that I want to be able to sit in the back seat of your bicycle forever. I hope I can always hear you say that you want to Protect me, I hope that every promise you can make to me. I hope that you can see this letter, and your attitude towards me and my attitude towards you will be decided by this letter. You don’t like me. I naturally will not hang around, I will quietly avoid, how far it will be, how far to hide…’ Tears slipped on the paper, still unable to drive away the pain that loves her but hurts her. The next day, he wanted to go to her and take the letter. But she walked to the front of her house, but hesitated. Can he live up to his girlfriend who returned to his hometown? She started at school, just taking care of him. Her love for him, in her words, is that she is gone, she will die! He can’t live up to the woman who is desperate for himself. In those few nights, he didn’t have any interest in facing his girlfriend. He thought a lot. The next day,

he held his girlfriend and said, ‘I’m sorry…’ But when he went to her house again, her mother told him that she had left and the work was arranged in another City coins, farther away from here. A few months later, he simply packed up his luggage and went to her city. When he appeared in front of her, she was scared. He smiled and hugged her: ‘I am coming to take you home!’ ‘But…’ She raised her right hand, wearing an engagement ring: ‘I am getting married!’ He looked at her in surprise. How could it be so fast? But in a few months, she is going to marry! ‘Do you know? The woman I have always loved is you, the letter is what I just discovered…’ ‘Don’t say it!’ She sighed. ‘You should be responsible for her. You can’t let others down because of a letter.’ … just like me, I need to reward him, so I choose to marry him!’ She said so decisively, he heard the heartbreak. That year, he was 26 years old and she was 25 years old. She got married and stayed in the city where her husband is. He is also married, and his wife is a simple and virtuous woman. His parents are sick and nobody cares, and his wife is more enthusiastic than him. When she came back, although her husband was accompanying him, he still could not look directly at him. So, often they are, she is chatting with his wife, and he is very close to her husband. The topic they talked about was still an anecdote about their time, but the mood was not too sweet and memories. They had to take care of the two people who loved them. They are embarrassed, and the people around them are also moved. The original time will really make love more incisive. That year, he was 32 years old and she was 31 years old. Later, every year she and her husband came back for the New Year, and they enjoyed a reunion dinner with their family every year. His child called her aunt, and her child called him a shit. The feelings between them seem to have really returned to the original brother and sister. When their children are going to college, he rushed to call her in the distance: ‘Sister, there is a better university on your side. I want the child to take the test. The child is too disobedient. My mother is angry, I told him to study in the past, and you can help me supervise and supervise!’ She smiled on the phone: ‘Is it? I want my child to test you there! Our family is not obedient,’ Dissatisfied with her father’s discipline, this girl said that she only wanted to listen to her…’ She paused and said: ‘It is better to let them all test the same school, so that their brothers and sisters have a care for each other, we go to see them. I can also teach both children together.’ The hand of his phone shook and the heart was pulled back many years ago. The children were admitted to the same school under the arrangement of their parents Fake cartier tank Francaise watch. He said to his son: ‘You have to take care of your sister well, and you can’t let anyone bully her!’ She said to her daughter: ‘Don’t make your brother angry, don’t bother your brother.’ Maybe already had a hunch, and when he and her got a call from their son and daughter saying that they wanted to get married, they all laughed. At the children’s wedding, he sat next to her and looked at each other with white spots. He said softly: ‘We finally became a family!’ She nodded, her face with a tired smile: ‘Just wait It’s been too long, but the last thing that comes together is the continuation of our lives Replica cartier Ballon Bleu watches.” That year, he was 67 years old and she was 66 years old. Later, he was diagnosed with cancer. He was desperate, rejected by everyone, refused to take medicine to refuse treatment, his emotions were completely out of control, and his wife and son-in-law were swearing. The wife stood outside the ward and sighed distressedly. He said to his son, ‘Give your aunt, no, it is your mother-in-law calling, your father’s fault, only she can cure it!’ When she knocked on his ward Door, she only said one sentence: ‘If you want to see me again, listen to the doctor’s words, take medicine and chemotherapy; if you don’t want to, then I will leave immediately. After you die or live, I don’t care!’ She was crying. …… She stood in front of his tomb, and there was no tears in his eyes. There was no one in the cemetery, and a wind stroking her white hair, like his response, was like his crying. It turns out that love, staying in my heart will only be a regret forever. That year, he was 77 years old and she was 76 years old.

Megan’s second watches have a high frequency

Megan’s second watches have a high frequency, such as the photo with the screen lovers, the golden watch on the wrist, the timing button, the Rolex in the chain, and a bit like dicononna.

But it’s not: the surface of the shell is not oysters, not the oyster; the table ring has no speed meter; the chain is like the head of the yuan, but it is not, if it is more wrong – Di Tong is an oyster chain or a rubber strap, the head chain is Rolex’s “positive chain”, used on the week calendar and small size log type, will not appear in On the exercise table.

Megan's second watches have a high frequency

Luckily we found another Megan’s own high definition photo. Please ignore freckles and focus on the watch: three eye plates are connected together; there is no speedometer, so it must not be dendon; there is a line of letters beneath 12 points, about two words, and the name of the brand. Look again, there is a date window at the 4 o’clock position.

According to these characteristics, we found this watch, which is Megan’s American “townsman”, from the MICHEAL KORS (MK) fashion table. MK can be said to be very good. Even the waterproofing design buttons are completely copied, but only look, after all, it’s just a more than 2000 – yuan fashion watch.

But from the two photos, Megan likes to fold, the bracelet, the bracelet and the watch on one hand at the same time. But it’s a fashion trend, but does it not conform to the Royal dress code?

The Megan table is likely to be Cartire TANK Watches

Rachel’s watch is a square case, a silver metal chain, which we immediately think of are Cartire TANK, Longines daiwina, and Patek Philippe TWENTY~4.

Cartire TANK Watches

The precision of the play is not high, and it is vague to see that it is a single layer of light meter circle. There is no drill or bilateral, so the possibility of Patek Philippe TWENTY~4 is excluded; in addition, from the watch chain structure, Longines deibo Wiener is also far away, and the Megan’s square is likely to be Cartire TANK.

TANK has a number of sub series, from this point of view, the head and the chain link part has a trapezium, so the form features of Rachel’s form more in line with the TANK FRAN AISE, which is called the “French tank”.

If Megan wore Cartire in real life, it would be a good idea. After all, her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diane often wore a watch and a Cartire TANK series, and she was the princess of Princess sister-in-law.

The famous name of Cartire is “emperor’s jewels, the emperor of jewellery”, so the British royal family seems to be perfectly fit to wear a Cartire watch, but Cartire is better to change the Slogan, “royal jewelry and watch”, or the watch looks like a “sideline”.

Prince Harry often wears a Rolex Explorer II and a breitling Aerospace

Just this past weekend, the whole world has been married by Megan and Harry, and the story of Cinderella and the prince is still loved by the world.

But marriage to the royal family, not just the appearance looks so bright and beautiful, but also to bear the responsibility of the image of the British state, more privacy, dress collocation, walking will be the talk of the people of the world.

Prince Harry often wears a Rolex Explorer II and a 100 year old Aerospace.

It is not a secret for the royal members to wear a wrist watch. For example, Prince William often wears a OMEGA seahorse 300 in more than 10 years. Everyone says that because this is the gift to him from the princess Diane, the prince thinks his mother.

Prince Harry often wears a Rolex Explorer II and a piece of Aerospace, but we still have some new discoveries about the Harry Potter, and later, we first look at the new royal members, Princess Megan, and what watches have been worn over the years.

Before marrying Harry, Megan was a little famous actor in Hollywood, without a big screen image. If not because of a relationship with the British royal family, we would not know Megan today because of the identity of the actor.

Since 2011, the American drama “golden dress lawyer” has become popular. In this double male drama, Megan, who plays the role of female one, is a ride. Previously, Megan was more like Penny in the big bang. It should be called “Hollywood drift”.

According to BBC’s documentary film “Royal Romance” that Megan and Harry had a love affair with, the two were just because Harry was a fan of the gold dress lawyer, Megan played the “old money” Rachel in the upper east side of New York, just the other half of Harry ‘s ideal.

We searched a large number of pictures from the Megan plays and found three wristwatches: one is Megan’s Rachel, who often wears the table in the gold dress lawyer, and the other two in the media.

Lawyer in the United States is an elite class, high IQ, high education, high income, wearing advanced formal dress is the standard, which is the connotation of the English name Suits, so the lawyer should wear the advanced formal wrist watch.